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Wedding Gallery 5 English
Wedding Gallery 5 English
Aoshi Studio - Pascal Tran Binh - Photography for Glam and Modern People Wedding Gallery 4 English

Guy-Young and Guillaume met when they were still students. They started seeing each other as friends as they were hanging with the same group of people. Then came a day where they spent time alone in a café: the entire day flew by as they talked about everything. From this moment on, they were always together.

Guillaume wanted to be with Guy-Young as much as he could and he was willingly accompanying her when she was shopping or going dancing while he hated that. They grew closer when Guy-Young had a slight car accident: Guillaume was constantly calling her to make sure that she was sound and well.

A month later, they confessed their love for each other. And since then, they have always been together, building their couple and their future.