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Kacey – Your Place, Your Time

One more with Kacey, something very simple and yet very classy and sexy. This is something she had planned to do for a long time so I am only happy to have been part of it.


Yi Shiean – Your Place, Your Time

Second photoshoot with the sweet and kind Yi Shiean, and still lots of fun.

We shooted in the Chinese Gardens in Singapore but I was interested in everything save the Chinese artifacts to include in the shoot. In the end I wanted to try something a bit different with light, and make it more visible, even though it is subtle it still adds a nice different touch.

Kacey – Your Place, Your Time

I really like working with Kacey she is a very kind and sweet girl and we seem to always have the same train of thoughts.

We didn’t really plan this photoshoot, we just had one idea and finally we switched to completely something else which is fine as I like to improvise.