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Iona & Supot – Wedding

Try to imagine this: a Thai groom who speaks English with the thickest Scottish accent, a weekend in Edinburgh with men in skirts, a bride who seems to have stepped out right from a movie screen, a cake nearly 2 meters tall and only a few drops of rain (hey this is Scotland we are talking about).

If you manage to visualize this, you would only grasp only a fraction of what this wedding was about and how awesome it was.

So let me help a little bit :)




Isobel & Chris – Wedding

Location: Wix (United Kingdom)

I will be frank, there are two things I absolutely love: first the UK, and second being able to hang with people I can call friends. This is why I was so happy when Isobel and Chris appointed me as their photographer! Not only was I able to shoot in the UK but more importantly I was able to shoot the wedding of these two amazing individuals who are related to two persons I really like, and that I can call friends.

Nothing could make me happier than shooting another wedding for this incredible family.

The ceremony took place in Essex and it was incredibly chill and sophisticated at the same time. The weather was awesome and the party was intense! You know the day is going to be a blast when the groom is telling you the night before that he catered for 600 bottles of beer for the 150 guests.

Sign me up for the next one!