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Welcome to Aoshi Studio {The Blog}

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Pascal of Aoshi Studio. You are now on my blog where I will be sharing some moments of my life and will let you get a glimpse of my art.

I am first and foremost a wedding and portrait photographer but my work also includes wildlife and photojournalism in general.

Please take a moment to read along and feel free to comment or contact me. If you want to hire me or have more information, do not hesitate to drop me an email or visit my main website.

Isobel & Chris – Wedding

Location: Wix (United Kingdom)

I will be frank, there are two things I absolutely love: first the UK, and second being able to hang with people I can call friends. This is why I was so happy when Isobel and Chris appointed me as their photographer! Not only was I able to shoot in the UK but more importantly I was able to shoot the wedding of these two amazing individuals who are related to two persons I really like, and that I can call friends.

Nothing could make me happier than shooting another wedding for this incredible family.

The ceremony took place in Essex and it was incredibly chill and sophisticated at the same time. The weather was awesome and the party was intense! You know the day is going to be a blast when the groom is telling you the night before that he catered for 600 bottles of beer for the 150 guests.

Sign me up for the next one!


Yi Shiean – Your Place, Your Time

Second photoshoot with the sweet and kind Yi Shiean, and still lots of fun.

We shooted in the Chinese Gardens in Singapore but I was interested in everything save the Chinese artifacts to include in the shoot. In the end I wanted to try something a bit different with light, and make it more visible, even though it is subtle it still adds a nice different touch.

Vass – Your Place, Your Time

Meeting Vass and working with her was like spending time with a big bowl of sunshine. She is so joyful and easy going that it is contagious. I really like her attitude.

We wanted to shoot something simple and relaxed, a bit like a lazy Sunday shoot. In the end it was very enjoyable, we had fun and we are definitely working together again.

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