FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t live near Paris or in France, do you do destination shooting?

Yes I do destination shooting: wedding, portrait, other assignments, you name it. I don’t mind travelling at all, on the contrary I love that. The traveling fees need to be covered by the client though.

  • I would like to have a shooting for a specific date, how can I know if you are available?

Please refer to the calendar functionality on my website or drop me an email, I will let you know if I am available for your prefered date.

  • Is it possible to book you only for an engagement or an aftershoot session and not for the wedding coverage?

Yes this is totally possible.

  • For the portrait sessions, do you shoot famillies or couples or babies or animals or (insert option here)?

Yes, I can shoot all this, that’s why these sessions are named “Your Place, Your Time”. It is your project, I am just here to help you in making it a reality. You name it , I can do it.

  • How should we dress for our engagement session?

Please consider bringing in two sets of clothes: one casual set and one more sophisticated. Bring clothes you feel confortable in and which suit you.

  • How should I dress for my portrait session?

This is totally up to you and depends if you have something specific in mind. We can discuss together on what would be best depending on your particular project.

  • Hey man , you rock, how can I let you know that I appreciate your work?

You just did ^_^, but don’t hesitate to comment on my blog and let others know about it.