Sonya & Damien – Engagement

Sonya and Damien met when they were still students. They weren’t attending the same place but that didn’t prevent them from falling in love. In fact Sonya pretty much spent all her time at Damien’s school. So she was acknowledged by all of his friends and it was as if she actually were a student over there.

What is really great about Damien’s school is that it is all about brotherhood. All the alumni stay very connected to the place and they help nurse the freshmen. You really feel that everyone is very tight over there, so it was only fitting that they decided to have their engagement shoot at this school which helped shaped them.

The grounds over there are just gorgeous, both of them were there to have fun and we sure had a lot! These two just love dancing and at a time we even wiped some good old LMFAO. This looks promising for the wedding!