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Rosey – Your Place, Your Time

Location: Shanghai, Beijing Xi Lu

This shoot with Rosey was long overdue. When I went to Shanghai last November, we had planned to meet to setup a photoshoot together, but as her schedule was even more chaotic than mine we couldn’t make it happen. She had decided to take a year off and leave the USA to settle in Shanghai. At that time she was temporary working as a waitress while moving out to a new place. Basically she was trying to get her life started in Shanghai, so it explains why we couldn’t meet.

We stayed in touch since then and we both knew that we would try our best next time.

So as soon as I knew I would be back, we decided on a place and time to shoot. Our original plan was to shoot at night to take advantage of the particular mood of the city with all its lights. I had scouted a nice parking area where I knew we could get great pictures… but as it turned out to be, it wasn’t meant to happen. The weather was going to be way too cold and way too damp to be able to shoot outside. So change of plans or more precisely, fallback on my backup plan (if you are serious about shooting always be ready with a backup plan or be able to improvise on the spot). We headed to a place I had setup as a temporary meeting place / studio just in case. Sure the picture didn’t feature the background we originally wanted but in the end I still managed to keep the mood I was going for, and Rosey was really happy with the result.

Rosey is energetic. She used to dance a lot while living in the USA and she wishes to make a career out of it. She has now stopped waitressing and she is working as a coach for the Shanghai Basketball cheerleaders team, so she is right on track and does a job she loves and which fits her career path.













Pascal Tran Binh Aoshi Studio Photographe Mariage Portrait Lifestyle Paris France International

Pascal Tran Binh Aoshi Studio Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Paris France Worldwide

Aoshi Studio did Singapore

I just love Singapore. Everything is so clean and the life there is so enjoyable. The temperature is always great and so is the food.

I know I will be back over there.

I have been traveling back and forth to Asia a lot these past few months and I am thinking more and more that I could really settle there. Thoughts for the mind.












Feeling Lucky

As I was sitting in the airport waiting to board to Shanghai I couldn’t help thinking how incredibly lucky I was. When I think about it and when I discuss with other people, I realize that, up till now, I have been able to lead my life more or less where I wanted it to be.

Sure there are things that are still missing or which could be better but overall I consider that my life is quite on track: I do things I love most of the time, I spent time with amazing people and I am happy to learn new things everyday.

Obviously nothing is perfect, I know I still struggle a lot on some matters but still I feel lucky because I achieved something I have been chasing for a long time: being content with who I am and what I do, in more simple words just being happy. And you know what Internet? I think that most of the days, I am.