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Jessica – Your Place, Your Time

“She’s got great eyes!” this is what I thought when I first got to meet her. Eyes who could tell it all, sorrow, tenderness, happiness. They say that you can read a lot of things in someone’s eyes. I think it is true, especially when they are so expressive.

As it is winter (and freezing outside), we decided to setup the session by the fire. It was just perfect. We had a great time talking about how she loved photography and couldn’t go without it. It was refreshing to hear that especially as I share the same feeling.

I had a great time, and I think that for a couple of hours, we forgot that we were in December.











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2010: looking over my shoulder

“Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved. ” – Lao Tzu

If I had to sum up this year that’s what I would say about my personal and professional life.  2010 is coming to an end and when I reflect and look back at what I have achieved or failed to achieve I am proud to say that no matter what I dared try things.

For those of you who have been following me for a while (and who have been keeping up with whatever nonsense I am blabbering about here) you already know that 2008 was a professional and personal roller-coaster year where I decided it was time to change everything. And you know that 2009 was a year of growth and success (whoa I’m speaking like a true company manager).

2010 is the year where I tried to expand to new horizons. I am a strong believer in learning by failing and I never want to have regrets about anything in my life. If I have anything to fear it’s to have regrets about not doing something. So I try, every foolish thing that springs to my mind I try.

And man have I been trying this year. Whether it be by developing some part of my business or trying to expand to newer contacts, to simply meeting new people. I had some success and also some failure but if you don’t fail then you don’t learn and ultimately you don’t evolve (man do I sound like Yoda today!).

I will keep on failing, I will keep on taking chances and I will keep on taking risks in my personal and professional life alike. It’s because I always want to reach out of my comfort zone that I managed to get the studio up and running and it’s also because of this that I have met wonderful people (even recently).

So you may thing that this entry is less optimistic than the entries I posted on the past two years but in fact I never felt as good as I feel right now.  Simply because I know where I want to go. And this gives me more energy than ever!

Maybe I am getting wiser (Hey it COULD happen! Don’t laugh out there I saw you!).

And as I can’t finish this year without an eye candy, here is a sneak peek of what will probably be the last photoshoot I had. Happy New Year in advance everyone!


Yury – Your Place, Your Time

A couple of months ago, Yury contacted me to shoot promotional elements for his upcoming album release. At first we planned to shoot in Spring or Summer, but as we both have hectic agendas we couldn’t book a date before December… We wanted to shoot outdoor but as you can imagine, the snow wouldn’t let us stick to our plan. And frankly speaking, a Salsa musician in the snow is not an image we both wanted to capture.

Anyhow, I still had a plan B and it fit perfectly with the vision we both had: a bit edgy and modern, which would suit the New Generation Salsa theme of the album just fine.

If you like Salsa music, don’t hesitate to check what Yury does. You can listen to a few things over here: and extracts of the upcoming album here:











Pascal Tran Binh Aoshi Studio Photographe Mariage Portrait Lifestyle Paris France International

Pascal Tran Binh Aoshi Studio Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Paris France Worldwide