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Aoshi Studio does Shanghai

Coucou Internet, je serai à Shanghai du Samedi 25 Septembre au Lundi 04 Octobre. Je reste bien évidemment joignable par mail ou par téléphone en cas de besoin.

Si des personnes sur place souhaitent me contacter pour un shoot, n’hésitez pas !

Celebrating a 25th Wedding Anniversary

I remember it clearly, it was 25 years ago when my Aunt and Uncle got married. They were younger than I was now and they had come to France fleeing the oppression of the Vietnamese government. I still remember her smile, her beautiful traditional Vietnamese red dress. I remember nodding off during the ceremony. I still see myself running everywhere during the party, being carried over the mic to say a few words and in the end chickening out. These are cherished memories.

I remember seeing them in love, not really understanding it at this time, but somehow feeling that they belonged to each other.

And 25 years later they are still together and they still love each other as much as they did back then.

They wanted to celebrate this moment in their life under the sign of love, happiness and friendship. It was a really touching moment and I was really glad I could be there to document it.

25 years ago I was still a boy, I am now a man and it is in great part thanks to them.








Pascal Tran Binh Aoshi Studio Photographe Mariage Portrait Lifestyle Paris France International

Pascal Tran Binh Aoshi Studio Wedding Portrait Lifestyle Photographer Paris France International

A little glimpse of Taiwan

As it is pooring outside right now, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to share a few pics of Taiwan with you.

So here are some glimpses of Taiwan and more particularly Jhongli City where I have been staying for the past few days. Expect more pics when I come back!

For those of you who didn’t know, I am currently in Taiwan, I will be back on September 6th, but you can still reach me via phone or email.