Monthly Archives: May 2010

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What I bring with me

Hello Internet! Yeah I know it’s been an awful amount of time since I updated this blog last time… I am really sorry for that. I could find excuses, telling you that my cats change my admin password and that it made me unable to post any updates, but no. I simply have been too busy working on shoots, on my website design and post-processing.

Sooo again sorry, but that also means that there are good things to come! Stay tuned!

In the meantime this is just a small update because I received lots of questions recently about what I was bringing to a wedding or a shoot. It actually slightly depends on the shoot and the size of the wedding but generally it all comes down to what I can carry by myself when I don’t have a second shooter with me. So here goes: I generally bring two bodies, 4 lenses which all fit in my trusty Boda Bag and my light rod. You can see all of these in the following shot and if you need more details don’t hesitate to ask!


I am getting back to work, and I will be posting real good updates pretty soon.