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Aoshi Studio does Madrid

Following Lisbon I made a quick trip to Madrid. It had been a while since I had been there, and this is really too bad that I didn’t get to stay a bit longer to enjoy the food city a bit more. I had the time to walk a bit in the old city and by pure chance, I went by the San Miguel market which is a huge food market.

Let’s face it Internet, there was no way I would be in Spain and not eat tapas and drink sangria right? RIGHT?

And man, oh man, I think I ate too much tortilla during my short stay over there, and too much jamon and too many custard pastries… For the newcomers on the blog, fear not, this is not a food blog, it’s just that… well… I am Asian and I love food, yeah, talk about a walking stereotype.

So while I was eating visiting, I got caught by the biggest thunderstorm ever! I had to run back to the hotel, drenched as hell, but it was fun nonetheless.














And this is to show you how drenched I was! Beware I look so awesome you might faint!


The photographer I am

I am currently working on the marketing elements for the studio to prepare for the upcoming wedding season. This is a lot of work to add on top of the editing and shooting that I do in parallel and I feel like I am constantly glued to my desk these past few days: editing, fixing the brochure, working on a new version of the website, eating chocolate and playing with the cats. Because admit it Internet: playing with your cat is a big help in getting the work done! Someday I have to figure how I can have these little paws contributing to the studio, they have to start earning their cat food by themselves one of these day after all.

But I digress…

Anyway, marketing elements! It’s very exciting to work on this aspect, it’s also complicated and demanding but I just love it. Because it helps me put into words who I really am, what I really want and what I really believe in. In short it helps me define who I am as a photographer (apart from this cat – shoes – candy obsessed human being).

So here are five facts I believe in:

Fact n° 5: Have fun at work!

I always see photography as a passion and not a constraint. Maybe I can define myself as a “Professional Amateur”. I am always learning, experimenting and every time I shoot or edit or work for the studio, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like playing. And I want to always treasure this feeling because I believe that you don’t have to take yourself seriously to work seriously.

Fact n°4: Go the extra mile for my clients!

I want to provide the best experience for my clients, and this goes far beyond taking photos. No, it’s the WHOLE experience, from the moment they first call me to the moment they hold the album in their hands. I will always strive to give them more than what they asked for: providing advice during their preparations,  helping on the wedding day and offering small treats they wouldn’t expect. I want them to remember our time together as the best photo experience they ever had.

Fact n°3: Establish a relationship based on trust!

When you are not used to having your photo taken by a stranger it can be hard to relax in front of the camera. This is why I want from the get go to build a solid relationship with my clients, no lies, no half truth. If they trust me, I know that we will have a great time together. Which leads me to my next fact.

Fact n°2: Consider my clients as friends!

Because you can tell everything to a friend and you don’t have to hold on to things. Because I want to have a lasting relationship with my clients, and because a good time with a friend is always the best of times!

Fact n°1: And most of all, put my talent at my client’s service!

And all of this comes to this simple fact: my talent is at my clients’ service so that I can give the best of myself and so that, to quote one of my favorite band, (and I will actually send a bag of candy to the first reader who actually guess the name of the band), I want them to have the time of their life.

This may seem simple and if you think about it, yes it really is.

Oh and here is a shot to show you how the cat is helping me in my work!


Aoshi Studio does Lisbon

I made a quick stop in Lisbon on the beginning of this week. It has been a really long time since I have been there and I was not disappointed. Great weather, great food, very nice folks. Here are some pics for you.