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Make Up Concept

Hey there Internet, I hope that everything is rocking for you.

First, I am launching one of my projects, if you want to model for me you can find more information on this page. Don’t hesitate to pass around the link.

And yeah I know I haven’t been posting a lot these past few days … err weeks but I have had some problems I had to take care of first. My storage unit where I store all my photo work (and I mean ALL my photo work) died on me three weeks ago. I cried, I prayed, I cursed, I banged my head on my desk and in the end, I had to sent it to a data recovery company to try to salvage the content. It seems now that they will be able to recover the most important data but as long as I can’t check it for myself I will still be anxious. That means one more week of banging my head on the desk.
So dear Internet, I hope you understand the reasons why I didn’t really post any pics recently.


Well to thank your patience, you will find here photos I took for a make up project from one of my friend. She is working on an overall make up project to boost her portfolio and I was really happy to help her by taking pics of her work. She has a lot of different ideas but the first one she wanted to do was a cheetah make up. But not the kind of make up you can have done on your kids in the zoo, no. It’s a complete make over: keeping the features of the model while suggesting the animal side by the make up, the clothes and the attitude.

Enough talking, I will let the photos speak for themselves (but if you want some technical info regarding the shoot, scroll down a bit).










Hot’n Cold – Enjoying time for yourself

Last week end was kinda exceptional for me: this was the first week end in a long time where I had absolutely nothing planned.

No wedding.

No shooting assignments.

No obligations.

Seriously, I really have a hard time remembering when this happened for the last time. And frankly, when I woke up on Saturday I was a bit lost. I really wondered what I would be doing this week end. It took me a bit, but I just decided to take it slow and simply go out and walk in the streets of Paris. Summer time is really the best to enjoy the city: all the Parisians are gone in vacations, there’s not too much traffic and the weather is generally enjoyable. I love Paris during Summer.

As I wandered, I kept thinking to myself that this was really enjoyable once in a while. I took the opportunity to snap a couple of pics of people in the streets and to sit near the river to enjoy a good smoothie.

To be frank, I didn’t expect to enjoy this Saturday so much. Generally I always try to keep myself occupied, because otherwise, it feels like I don’t take advantage of my time. So in the end I am always running: work, shooting, editing, going out, meeting clients, meeting friends. I don’t have time to get bored.

But that also means that I don’t have time for myself.

And once in a while, it’s good to just enjoy these few moments, because who knows when they will come back again.

Hot this week:

  • Hanging out in the street of Paris, doing nothing but walk around, sit around, watch people in the streets, that was just grand.
  • Cupcakes and Cheesecakes! I just stumbled upon this great like cupcake and cheesecake bakery, and as I am really greedy fond of tasting new things, I naturally indulged myself xD
  • Catsitting. I am currently catsitting for an additional baby cat in addition to my two permanent residents, and I just love it.

Cold stuff this week:

  • Paris is probably one of the few big cities in the world where everything is closed on a bank holiday and on Sundays. I wanted to visit a few things on Saturday and as it was a bank holiday I couldn’t gain access to the few places I had planned to go. Same thing on Sunday.
  • Slow tech support: everything is slow in France during August as everyone is in vacations. So it should come to no surprise that tech support is also slow. But still…