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Shopping and Upcoming stuff

I am a serial shopper… Sometimes that’s just crazy (I know it’s supposed to be a girl thing). I can hardly go somewhere without at least entering the stores. And naturally it’s really hard to resist once you’re in the store itself.

During the sales the summer sales I refrained from getting in the stores. One, because I didn’t really had the time and two, because frankly I have too many stuff in my dressing room and I need to free some space first!So I carefully avoided all the stores… most of the times.

I went twice and twice I had to buy things.
And naturally I bought shoes… Again. (I can already hear one of my good friend cursing me for this)

*sigh* Nothing can cure me.

I am working double to try to catch up on my late work, in soon to come entries:




Fatima & Olivier – Wedding

Fatima & Olivier are two amazing persons. When I first met them I was immediately struck by how welcoming they were. Olivier plays for his local Handball team while Fatima is a harpist. They both like to have fun and really got involved in the preparation of their wedding. They wanted it to be a great event, a great party for them and their guest. And while trying to achieve all that they also wanted to respect the tradition from their country of origin. From what I saw they really managed to pull it off.

It was a really sweet event with familly and all their friends. There were lots of emotional times. The Wedding took place on a Thursday and when Fatima came to the City Hall she was so surprised to see that so many people were there that she just cried right before going in. It was really intense. You could really sense that all their friends were happy for them, and I feel very lucky to have been part of this event. It’s for moments like this one that I love doing this kind of gig!



Fatima had four different dresses in total. They were all gorgeous.


When I came to her place, she was a bit stressed which caused her to be afraid that the make up artist wouldn’t be able to finish in time, but as you can see, no sweat here. She was stunning.


And while the girl was getting ready, the groom was chilling with his boys.






First look, I love their expression here.
























The whole handball team prepared a surprise and for a while everyone feared that they would strip. But they were wearing their game uniform underneath their suit. It was a great moment, I really laughed at that timme.




And here is the slideshow for their wedding.

Hot’n Cold – Music

I listen to a lot of different music styles and I like a lot of different songs. The range of what I listen to goes from classic rock tunes to Disney soundtrack songs. I like when the music is catchy and when it has rhythm. It seems that I only need to be able to sing along a song or to want to dance to its beat to appreciate it. So it may come to no surprise that on my playlist you’ll get a whole variety of titles. Titles one may qualify as crappy music. But I am not ashamed of that. On the contrary, I am very proud to appreciate rare and hidden gems of the musical arts (okay “gems” might be an exaggeration, but still, you get my point.).

And to illustrate this, I loaded all the music I own and shuffled it to show you what the ultimate set list would look like if I were to be the DJ right now!


Am I ashamed to see The Backstreet Boys, Alizée and La Compagnie Créole among the first titles of the list, mixed with Japanese artists as well, and am I ashamed to realize that the set list is nearly ending with the Scrubs’ Poo Song?

Well…. err…

*Taking a deep breath*

*Trying to be convincing*

No I am NOT! I like crappy music because it makes me smile, and it’s enough for me ^^.

Hot this week:

  • My crappy tastes in music: okay true I would be kicked out of the DJ booth if I were to mix but it would be fun no?
  • People who share my crappy tastes in music: You are not alone!
  • Gilbert Montagné, The Spice Girls, Ricky Martin and so many others: you guys just rock.

Cold stuff this week:

  • People who don’t share my crappy tastes: buuuuh to you xD
  • The postman who was too lazy to ring and take the elevator to deliver a packet to me.