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Code Geass – Your Place, Your Time

I really like cosplay. For those of you who are wondering what cosplay is, it’s a contraction of two words: COStume and PLAYing. It represents the fact of costuming yourself as your favorite character from a manga, movie or any other thing and play his / her role.

What I really like about cosplay is the intricacy of the costumes: there is a lot of work involved here as every cosplayer is supposed to make the costume by themselve. It is really creative and visually stunning. When I take pics of cosplay I know that I can always push myself and experiment a lot.

As I really liked one of the latest photoshoot I did on the theme, I wanted to show you some of the photos I took. The shots were taken in the Buttes-Chaumont park in Paris where there is this hill which lets you have a breathtaking view of the north of the city. The weather was really great and I wanted to get there late in the afternoon as I knew I would then have a gorgeous light to work with… And I definitely did!

You can also find this pics on my FlickR











Hot’n Cold – Hanging out

I decided to launch a new category of posts about my sooooo exciting (don’t worry I am kidding) life where I would document things I think are great and things that totally piss me off. These posts will be about random stuff, everyday crap and they will be everything but impartial.
So let’s start with this first Hot ‘n Cold post. Are you excited about it? I sure am.

I like hanging out outdoors, I think that if it were possible I would just buy a 1/2 acre and put there a desk, a bed and a shower tap and that would be it. I could enjoy the sun, the wind, the fresh air 24/7. Hum but as I am also a urban boy, it would need to be right across a Starbucks or a place where I could buy some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and naturally I need to be able to shop in the vicinity. Can anyone here tip me about this dream place?

So Hot stuff this week:

  • The weather which has been great each time I wanted to shoot. I had clear blue skies, a gorgeous sun, some wind and NO rain. I couldn’t ask for more than that
  • Smoothies which help me going these days during my long sessions of editing at night
  • The lastest WAT90′s (We are the 90′s) party which was great as usual

Cold stuff this week:

  • The weather which has been terrible each time I wanted to hang out NOT shooting. Cold, rainy and crappy. My god we are supposed to be in June not in October!
  • People who harrass my friends for no good reasons

And for eye candy in this post, here is a shot of the so pretty Vanity.


Greek Goddesses – Your Place, Your Time

I may have already told you about her: Aurélie is a very talented costume maker. For a historical costume exhibition, she was asked to design and sew three different Greek dresses from the Ancient Times. She had the opportunity to make some research for references, and she worked on both the dresses and on the jewelery.
When the exhibition was over, she even got to keep her work and as it was gorgeous, it was the perfect opportunity to make it shine by having it worn by three live persons and not three mannequins. So she asked if Me, Manou and Charlotte were up for a photoshoot and naturally we were! Naturally I wasn’t wearing one of the dresses, I was only shooting.

Up close I can tell you that the dresses were just gorgeous, the choice of fabric was perfect: the silk really caught the light and gave a lot shining reflect giving it form and volume and yet it didn’t look cheap, and the sewing work was flawless as it fitted the girls really well.

And I really wanted to make it stand out.

At first we wanted to shoot outdoors but as the weather was utter crap this day, we finally decided to shoot in the studio, and somehow I am glad we did because this way I had a total control on my lightning. I softened my main light to enhance the texture of the fabric and added some additional flash flavor for the atmosphere. My global setup was simple: one main light through a softbox, one fill light and for some shots a flash that I put behind the models. I shot at f/5.6 so that I could have enough details on the fabric but not too many, and during the editing I added this washed out tint as this is supposed to be Ancient Times fashion.

The pics are also available on my FlickR