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New York shur was purdy!

I am currently working alot and dealing some cool upcoming projects, everything is moving fast and it is good. I am really glad that I went to NYC two weeks ago: these were long overdue vacations, and we had a blast!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!










Aoshi Studio does NYC – Day 02

Day 02 is over and it’s been great. We wanted to go the Museum of National History but in the end, as there were too many kids and we didn’t feel like queuing, we decided to go another day and we went to the Met  instead (I said the Met -Metropolitan Museum of  Arts- and not the Mets, Friends fans will understand me), after a quick stroll in Central Park.

The museum was awesome,with a really good spotlight on the exposed pieces, it was really interesting. We went to see the Egyptian collection which is impressive and spent time in the Asian and African arts sections as well.

After this cultural time we decided to practice a more down to earth activity… SHOPPING! So straight to Broadway Street in Noho… It’s only the second day and already I bought a lot of clothes. For dinner we went to get some Dim Sum in Chinatown, and I played my asian guy, stopping in front of every restaurant or every pastry in the streets drooling on the food there… Food and Fashion, two of my guilty pleasures…






Aoshi Studio does NYC – Day 01

Hello Internet, I may not have given any heads-up on the blog but I am currenly in New York City for a week. So this will be a week of long awaited vacations right before the season begins and also the occasion to do maybe one or two photoshoots, party and do a lot some shopping.

So here we are live from NYC for a week with a really tight schedule.

The flight from Paris was ok, but we got stuck for an eternity in DC: 4 hours delay due to weather condition in NYC. What a bum!

After nearly being awake for 24 hours, I had a somewhat good night sleep in the end (damn you time difference!) and am getting ready to get some breakfast before heading out.

Nothing interesting in terms of photos yet, just the waiting in the DC terminal