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Diane & Audrey – Your Place, Your Time

It’s seems to me that it has been ages since I posted here. I have been really busy getting ready for the start of the season and getting everything in order in my new place. I still have a few things to take care of (leftover boxes to unpack and plans for remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom), but it starts to feel like home, finally.

Well I am really happy about my new place, and I will try to post photos soon.

In the meantime, please find here a “Your Place, Your Time” session that I did with Diane and Audrey. They are two sisters, who are really sweet and really fun to hang out with. We really had a nice time doing this photoshoot. It was still a bit chilly but we did get some sun and the setting in this narrow street in downtown Paris was perfect. Diane is like a private sun: she radiates joy and good spirit, you immediately feel at ease and at peace when you meet her. Audrey is really quick witted though maybe calmer, but she is still as gorgeous as her older sister.

Meet Diane.


Told you, she has a wonderful smile!



I really love the mood in this one.



And here is Audrey.



This is probably my favorite of the shoot.






Officially moved out

I have been super busy these days, with my moving out and moving in and with other stuff. I am waaaaay late on my editing, and yet  I am still shooting, but I will get everything done… eventually.

I have just finished moving out. I finalized all the legal administrative papers 10 days ago and finished moving all my stuff last wednesday in the morning. I have sooooo much crap it’s amazing. My future living-room was filled with an endless wall of boxes. I took advantage of the week end to sort most of my things and it starts to feel a bit homey at last. I now have to hook my workstation back up so that I can start editing again.

Vanity and Sala handled to stress of moving out pretty well and now they have their own cat room (well in fact it’s supposed to be my work area but let them believe that they own the place). As usual Vanity is so curious that she already feels at home. Sala has spent her first days hidden in a closet, but now it’s okay.

I will post pics af the place here as soon as everything is back online. And with all this, I still managed to cram a photoshoot last Sunday, more on that soon.