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Manou – Your Place, Your Time

Manou is one of the sweetest persons I know and she is without any doubt one of the most important people in my life. I really cherish the friendship we have, and like a lot of the friends I have I feel so lucky to have her. It is always a pleasure to shoot with her because we know each other so well and it makes things easy. She puts up with every stupid idea I can come up with, and to be fair, she also has the capability to make me do these silly things she also thinks of.

We had been dying to shoot one more time together as it had been quite a long time since we did it. Unfortunately, the conditions were not the best.

I had some pretty neat ideas about the location and the mood I wanted to set, but as the weather is currently utter crap now in Paris, we couldn’t make it as I envisioned it. So we had to go for plan B and head for an underground car park. It provided a different kind of mood and setup, but it was still interesting nonetheless.

I am working a lot on my lightning setup this days and have been enjoying shooting with cross lights. Unfortunately, I have to buy another pocket wizard because I had one which died on me. Bummer.

Oh and on another totally different note, I told you that I had a lot of projects for this year in one of my previous post. And I completed just one of them this morning. I bought a new place to live as I just signed the papers in the scrivener’s office. I am moving out this week-end and am really psyched about it.

Anyway, I will stop babbling now and show you the goods. Here are the photos of Manou.



Loved the blue door, it added some nice contrast.



You gotta love this bag! If I were more talented, it could nearly pass for a Lancel Commercial.


Definitely one of my fave.





Another one of my fave.


Make Up Time

I was in Marseille (in the south of France) this past week-end. It was the opportunity to get to see close friends, hang out with them, have fun and shoot. The weather was okay: not much warmer than in Paris but still the change of scenery was enjoyable. And we did have fun!

I stayed at Floria’s and she was a wonderful host. I already told you that she was a very skilled Make Up Artist, and again she did wonders during the week-end.

Here are a few shots of the make up progress. The shots here were taken with the available light.






And here is the final result with proper lightning and the whole shebang.


Aurélie & Agnès – Your Place, Your Time

Man, these days the weather in Paris has been horrible: rain, wind, cold, snow… Snow is actually good. I love when it snows… but not in Paris, and for two reasons: it usually melts very fast and the streets are not white and beautiful. No, they immediately end up dark grey and muddy. So planning photoshoots these days is quite hard and you have to somehow accommodate your plans according to the weather. But that’s okay, this is part of the fun anyway.

I had a small session organized with Aurélie and Agnès two weeks ago. They are both really gorgeous girls who like to have fun and it is always a pleasure to hang out with them. We went to Montmartre and it was freaking cold! I got confused for a Japanese tourist while being there and it was quite funny. We came across this old carousel and decided that it was a really great location to shoot.

They were both wearing black and white clothes as it was part of what they wanted for the mood and look of the shoot. So I decided to shoot the pictures with black and white processing in mind, capturing rich and warm colors and tones with very bright highlights. The carousel and its wooden materials provided these warm tinges I was looking for and the available light was perfect for what I had in mind. I cranked up the iso to provide natural grain (iso 3200 on the 5D MarkII is sweet) and I was good to go. I post processed the images so that I would get a gorgeous black and white result with lots of details and a sense of depth and texture in the shadows.

Okay I am done talking technical, here are the goods.



Very nice and natural smile.



Aurélie likes to goof around… A LOT.


But she can be classy sometimes too.



This one is my favorite.