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Shopping and Printing

Man, I did a lot of shopping in the span of 3 days. I just love to shop. Unlike a lot of guys, I like hanging around in stores alone or with some friends to look for clothes. And as it’s the sales period right now in France and as I am a fashion victim needed to buy some stuff, I went to do some shopping. As a result I bought 2 pairs of shoes (I can already hear one of my good friend cursing me), a new jacket, a pair of jeans, a couple of Tees and Sweaters and a new suit (“Get a suit. Suits are cool, please refer to exhibit A” to quote a modern philosopher). I even got to chat with a couple of people in the stores I went, and met some potentials new clients every day so that’s great.

I have also been doing a lot of printing testing recently. I tested a lot of different Fine Art papers to determine which ones I liked the best. As I am now offering the possibility to print photos on Fine Art paper, I wanted to choose the ones that would best render my work. And I have to say that I am impressed by the result: it far exceeds my expectations, I will try to push it to my clients as I think that this is definitely the best quality you can get on prints.

And as I cannot close one of my post without adding some eye candy, here are a couple of shots with which I did some printing testing.




Start trying and failing

These days, one of my little pleasure is to stop by the convenience store on my way to work in the morning. I get in there to grab something to eat for breakfast (and when Robin Sparkles’s “Let’s go to the Mall” resonates in my headphones it’s so priceless that I giggle like crazy … and get looked at by the security person … but I digress). Well breakfast might be a big word because I generally only buy a smoothie. But as there are so many of them it is very difficult to choose. I always try a different one, sometimes they are really good like this Activia Strawberry Kiwi and sometimes they are more than questionable like this Fizz Yop thing which has a funky taste.

But anyway even if I don’t know what I will be getting I try it anyway.

When I was a little boy I always believed that when I would become an adult everything would be much easier, that I would know everything about life and that I would have the answers to every questions. I always looked up to my role models and thought that I wanted to be as wise as they were. They all seemed so confident in what life had in store for them or for me that it was comforting.

Now that I am a grown up (well sort of), I realize that I still don’t know better than when I was a kid. I still have a lot of doubts about life and about myself and I am definitely not wiser than I used to be. I still don’t know if the choices I make in life are the right ones and I am totally ignorant of what my future holds. But it’s okay.

It’s easy to be discouraged by all the hurdles in front of you and even more easier to give up before actually trying. But it’s a lot harder to actually take that first step in order to achieve something. It is definitely harder to accept that you have limitations or weaknesses, to acknowledge them and still try to overcome them.

I used to think that life would be easier when I would be a grown up.

But it’s not.

One has to take chances, one has to build his own path. And yes, there’s a strong possibility that one may never achieve his goals and that one may fail. But it’s still okay. I believe that what is important is not reaching the goal itself, but the path you took to get there. Every action is part of that path: every success and every mistake. And when you come to realize that, though life doesn’t become simpler, it still seems less harder.

It’s okay to fail, because then you can learn from your mistakes and use this knowledge to build your road to success.

I am not wise. I am not a successful person. I don’t pretend to know better than you. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I don’t know if all my choices were good or not. But I still go on, because all of this is part of my path.

So friends, if you read this, don’t be afraid and on the contrary start trying and failing so you can reach success.


Sophie & Ludovic – Your Place, Your Time

When two individuals decide they want to start living together it is always something big.  They somehow stop thinking as an “I”, and start thinking as a “We” instead (hey guys no pressure hu!)

Sophie and Ludovic are two lovely people. They are fun and beautiful, they are simple and yet sophisticated. It is a pleasure to spend time with them. And it was a real pleasure to photograph them in their new neighbourhood. And as the snow hasn’t melted yet around here it made for a very interesting scenery. We managed to catch some fabulous light at the end of the day and I am quite happy with the result. I also had the opportunity to give the 5D MarkII a real test run.

We really had a great light. This plus the snow and the somewhat urban environment made for an unusual setup for Paris.




I just love this series.





She really is lovely.


And ludovic wanted his own portrait also




This is my favorite of the day.