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Never forget the fun factor

I am taking a short break in my post processing to post this entry. As I was sorting some of the latest photos I took, I couldn’t help but notice that I have quite a lot of shots where you can see my models laughing or making fool of themselves. Sometimes it is just because they want to be silly and have fun, but on lots of occasions it’s because of one of my stupid remarks or my goofing around.

I like when people are comfortable during a shoot. I know that it’s not easy to relax in front of a camera, especially if you are not normally used to it. And sometimes even shooting can be a very difficult task. Depending on the conditions, your mood or your client’s / model’s it can rapidly turn into something awful.

But I never think of shooting as something difficult or boring.

I really enjoy shooting, I love goofing around and capturing fabulous moments. It’s just the best. Shooting is not a constraint or an obligation, it’s not even a job for me. For me it’s just pure fun. And I believe that somehow if I am having fun, my models and clients also do.

I have been shooting a lot lately, and yet I just can’t wait for the wedding season to start to shoot even more! I have a lot of pics to show you but in the meantime you’ll only get to see me goofing around during a studio shoot.

Aoshi Studio

Aoshi Studio

Photos are from Manou. Arr.. I need some real, serious headshots of me…

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to you all.

Aoshi Studio - Christmas

Awaken your inner Panda!

I did a lot of shooting this week-end: 5 hours + of studio shoots on Saturday and another shoot on location on Sunday. It was awesome!

My dear friend Floria (who is a very talented make-up artist) stayed at home for the last 3 days and she helped me make my models look perfect. I just love her: she is sweet and a lot of fun!

On Sunday before she left, the girls decided to turn me into a Panda!

Aoshi Studio - Panda make-up

Aoshi Studio - Panda make-up

I could even help selling the DVDs…

Aoshi Studio - Panda make-up

Yo bro, this weed is wicked, man!

Aoshi Studio - Panda make-up

Thank you Floria we had a good laugh, come back soon! (Photos were taken by Manou while she was laughing out loud)