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Julie – Your Place, Your Time

You might remember that I went scooting the Business District in Paris for a shooting. Well here is the result. We wanted to take advantage of the place at night and I wanted to give the photos this Femme-Fatale-James-Bond-Girl look, a mix of glam, rad and edgy look.

Man it was cold, like 2 or 3 Celsius Degrees and it was also windy. I was wearing a jacket with a sweater underneath and I was freezing, I can only let you imagine how Julie felt.

But anyway I am glad with the result so it was worth it (and no she didn’t get sick afterwards).

I am off to Strasbourg this week end for a shoot and also for the Christmas market ^_^

Focus your energy

I have to admit it, I can be hyper-active sometimes. It’s not so much that I love to do a lot of things at once, but it’s more that I hate standing around doing nothing. When I have nothing to do I get frustrated very easily, because then I get to think too much… well more like overthinking in fact: about things that could have been or things that could be, you see what I mean. I hate it when I overthink like that because I sometime lose my go-happy attitude and more importantly I lose my focus.

Overthinking is bad. Thinking on the contrary is good and stimulating.

For me the difference is clear, when I overthink I lose my energy, but when I think or do something, I focus my energy towards a particular goal. And that’s why I always try to have something to think about, which often leads me to action even when I already have so many things planned.

So in short I always occupy my mind on a lot of things.

When I am in a photoshoot, things aren’t different. My mind is racing because I am always balancing two things:

  1. I need to get the safe shots that would insure my client or model happiness.
  2. I want to try new things out and go beyond my comfort / safety zone.

And these two things are hard to combine. Indeed, it’s always easier to rely on what you know you can do well without too many efforts, and on the contrary, it’s always a bit daunting to experiment without guaranteed chances of success. But I constantly try because I know that if I don’t go all out I will not be satisfied. So I am always mixing things up. I start by grabbing my sure / safe shots and then I start trying new stuff.

For example, lately, I have been working a lot on my flash techniques. It’s always easy to pop in the flash and let it fire, it’s easy, it’s reliable and safe but it’s a bit dull. It’s much more difficult to use it in a more intelligent way. I want to use my flash as a modeling light, just as I would do in my studio. Moreover I want to use it as a tool to really make my model pop, and one of the things I have been working on is to delete the ambient and the not so flattering backgrounds without relying to post processing.

Here for example there is no added vigneting, I just used a diffused flash to “delete” the unflatering background (we were in some sort of stairway with people around us getting by) and to model her face. The light in the background adds to the mood and can even seem to act as the light source for this pic.

So yeah you have to think to come up with this kind of thing, luckily in the end it all becomes second nature, but still, the thinking has to stay otherwise there is no progress.

Fuel for life… well sorta

I love the visual of the Fuel for Life commercial for the Diesel fragance. They look very retro and I just like it. I am always keeping an eye on such visual because they are a source of inspiration and they help me stay fresh in my work. But I won’t elaborate too much here as this will most certainly be the subject of another post.

Anyhoo as I was editing pics last night I remembered someone asking me what my secret to keep doing all the things I am juggling was. So I will let you into one of my personnal secret.

Here is my fuel for life.

Pretty neat hum? (They were out of Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough at the store I went so I had to go for the next best thing).