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Valérie – Your Place, Your Time Session

In one of my previous post, I gave you a peek of my shoot with Valérie. I was glad that the weather was okay. There was no rain and the air was cool: not too cold and quite enjoyable. We had a very nice light which helped in highlighting her features and the RED clothes she was wearing (did I say that she had gorgeous red shoes? I believe I did.).

We spent some time around the Seine river near the Odeon and St Michel area in Paris, and we took advantage of every tiny place where we could shoot.

She has some gorgeous eyes!

I just love this series but this is my favorite. We had some light reflected by the water and it created a great mood.

Just loved this door, great contrast of colors! (Check out the shoes!!)

Very old school.

One of my fave, you could get drowned in these eyes.

Wonderful natural smile. Nearly poke her with my lens here and we were getting a LOT of attention from the pedestrians ^_^;

Salome & Stéphane – Wedding

When I first heard about Salome and Stephane and when I first discussed with them about the wedding, it was supposed to be a really small one: just friends and family, no more than 30 guests. They didn’t want to organize a big event: as they have already been together for a long time and have two kids, they were only approaching it as a way to officialize  their status.

When I called Salome two days before the wedding to review the final plans with her, she sounded quite stressed. I thought that this was the usual anticipation as we were now approaching the big day.

Well, when I rang at their door in the morning, Salome was totally freaking out: nothing was going as planned. The small and intimate ceremony was now turning into a big wedding! The mother of the groom decided she needed to take things into her hands and now we were approaching a 100+ guestlist… And all of this changed in a week!

You can easily understand why she was freaking out. She had so many things to think of: How were they going to feed that many guests? Where were they going to have the party? Where would all the guests sleep? and so on

I talked to her a lot during the entire morning, trying to calm her and telling her to take one step at a time. And that’s what we did. She nearly panicked 4 or 5 times but each time there was a problem I calmy talked to her and help her smooth the bad news. She was really grateful and told me afterwards that she would have never make it it wasn’t for me: it really made my day!

Anyway, in the end everything was perfect. We had a really fun and young group and everyone was really beautiful and playful and I think it shows in the pics.

She really took things like a trooper.

But the results were worth it.

I really like the mood in this one

They really were perfect for each other.

This kid was so great! Fun and sweet! I had to take a pic of him.

Didn’t I say that this was a young, hip and fun group?

Valérie – Your Place, Your Time Session (Sneak Peek)

I love to shop. Yeah I know for a normal guy it may seem a little strange but that’s true: I just love to shop. I am proud to say that I have more shoes that some of my girlfriends and that I just like spending time in clothing stores.

But there is one thing that I find disapointing and that’s in today fashion black seems to be king, particularly now that we are in Winter. That’s simple, you only see black, grey, brown, navy blue clothes… That’s just so depressing!

I live in color, I see the world in colors and I strive for colors!

So when I met Valérie for the shooting we had planned, I was more than psyched to see that she was wearing BRIGHT RED clothes! Gorgeous red shoes, a red coat and even a red knitted hat!

I promised a sneak peek of this shooting, so here you go. More coming soon.